Tradesmen Door & Gate has been installing gates and automation systems for many years. We carry out accurate surveys to determine what equipment will best serve your requirement and install it to specifications set by the manufacturer, with whom with have close relations. We can provide you with a full installation service including: Ground works and landscaping of the entrance, Installation of power supplies, cables and ducts, Installation of gates and gate posts and installation and commissioning of automation systems. With hundreds of electric gate systems installed and operating reliably for our valued customers Tradesmen Door & Gate offers you a wealth of experience for all your gates and automation needs.

Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service

This will save you money and time trying to get the problems fixed that should not have occurred.

A wide variety of door styles and designs

We will design and manufacture gates to meet your own design, an architect’s drawing or adapt an existing design to meet your needs

Free on location design consultation

If you have any questions we can provide free consultation during installation.

New and replacement door systems

We will also endeavor, wherever possible to match any existing fences or walls during installation.

A good installation is the key to a reliable gate system. A poorly fitted system will work, but not for long and not efficiently. This is where we can help, we have years of experience installing gate systems to the highest possible standards.We regularly update the training of all of our staff to ensure that our knowledge in the industry is second to none.
Tradesmen Door & Gate installation professionals will:
  • Arrange delivery at a time and location most convenient to you
  • Remove and dispose of your old garage door (dump fees may apply separately)
  • Install your new garage door
  • Install your new opener (if included in the project)
  • Install appropriate weather stripping
  • Fully test to ensure proper operation
  • Clean­up the work site
We specialize in the following residential and commercial services:
  • Overhead door installation
  • Exterior gate installation
  • Sliding door installation
  • Electric garage door opener installation
  • Driveway gate installation
  • Installation and service for all makes and models of gate openers
  • Garage Doors/Overhead door installation
door and gate maintenance
This is ensure that the gate operates in good condition until the next service is due, failure to keep up with servicing of the gate in the system becoming dangerous to those who use it and may cause parts to fail resulting in expensive repairs.
The checking of the mechanical components of the system such as hinges, welded brackets, greasing and oiling of all the mechanical components. An extra work and cost can happen if a gate is left to just carry on with no attention.
Electrical check of all the components such as photocells, motors, control system etc, if you think electrical systems are fine to just leave then think again.
Safety testing of the system, checking all of the installed safety equipment works correctly and then a final check will be to perform a force test on the vulnerable areas and provide you with a report to ascertain whether or not the gate meets safety standards.
Long and trouble free lifespan
Extend useful life of your equipment
Reduce probability of equipment malfunctioning
Decrease costly downtime
Decrease long-term repair expense
Establish relationship with experienced, service-oriented professionals
A maintenance visit is exactly what it says maintenance this involves checking all the components of the system. Unfortunately in the time allotted for a maintenance visit we do not have time to carry out repairs and this service is billed separately.
We specialize in the following maintenance:
  • Overhead door maintenance
  • Exterior gate maintenance
  • Sliding door maintenance
  • Electric garage door opener maintenance
  • Driveway gate maintenance
  • Service for all makes and models of gate openers
  • Garage Doors/Overhead door maintenance
As part of keeping gates legal and safe it is the responsibility of the end user to have their gates service, the number of visits and regularity of these depends on the usage of the gates. Tradesmen Door & Gate likes to build ongoing relationships with their customers and we are happy to carry out your the servicing and repairs to you gates regardless of who fitted them. We can provide repairs for breakdowns, accidental damage and even break-in attempts. If your gates need repairing then give us a call and one of our approved electric gate installers will be happy to book you in as soon as possible.
Specializing in service and repairs for all makes and models of automated gates and garage doors, Tradesmen Door & Gate serves residential and commercial clients in Vancouver and Central Fraser Valley with professional services.
garage door repair
When a problem occurs you must find a suitable company to work with this is important as if the problem is diagnosed incorrectly then this may result in you incurring costs that may not be necessary for parts that were never required in the first place. All too often we have all felt the cost of poor service and bad repair jobs from a guy who knows a guy only to have to pay even more than you would have had to have paid to put it right. Let our trained engineers help you avoid this situation as our repair service will find the fault and advise you on the best way to get it fixed with the minimal of fuss. We have had to fix so many jobs like this one below and we genuinely feel for our customer’s plight when they have had a tough time trying to find the right people for the job.
Call now to implement our maintenance program to minimize any need for emergency service, or call anytime if you need the fastest and most effective response to your commercial overhead door service needs. We have programs catered to all different industries.
  • Broken Springs
  • Aluminum door repair, pivots, door closers
  • Entry doors, hinges, locksets, door closers
  • Electric Strikes, emergency exit panic bars
  • Driveway gate repair
  • Electric garage door opener repair
  • Sliding door repair
  • Overhead door repair
custom made gate installation
As the largest and longest established door company, we are proud of our successful track record as garage door and gate specialists. Working with all the major manufacturers, we at Tradesmen Door & Gate Company, can supply a wide range of standard and bespoke tailor-made products. We also carry an extensive stock of spares to keep your doors and gates in top condition.
We provide a full range of automatic and manual gates, industrial doors, operating gear and intercom and access control systems. We offer you the largest selection of garage doors available, including many manufacturers who deal with us exclusively. We buy direct from manufacturers, ensuring the best backup and service, and offer the full range of door types including sectional, one-piece side hinged, rollers and slide around. We also offer a selection of finishes including steel, timber, GRP and ABS. Whatever residential entrance door you would like, we can supply and install it too. As well as offering entrance doors, we have joined up with other manufacturers to offer you a full range of GRP, Composite, Aluminium and thermoplastic doors. We stock an extensive range of remote controls for doors and gates both old and new, as well as batteries to fit a wide range of remotes.
We strive to provide the best solutions, which begins with the best product, meticulous installation, and most importantly, preventative maintenance. As a result of our commitment to quality products and excellent service we offer extended warranties that are unparalleled in the industry.
Tradesman Door & Gate services provides installation and service of residential and high traffic commercial garage door and gate access systems. In addition, we do garage door replacement and repair for low rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings as well as commercial and industrial customers.
Residential Garage Doors
  • Heavy-duty Doors.
  • Single Row, Double Row Style.
  • Square Top, Arched Top Style.
  • Wind-load and Impact Resistant Doors.
  • Wood Doors.
Commercial Garage Doors:
  • Sectional Overhead Doors — Non-insulated and Insulated.
  • Rolling Steel Doors — Non-insulated and Insulated.
  • Side Folding Grilles and Closures.
  • Lift Ready Rolling Grilles.
  • Remote Operator Setup.
custom made gate installation Vancouver
They are made locally here in the Central Fraser Valley to suit your building dimensions and are fitted with hardware, an operator, safety devices and an entry device. These commercial doors are consistently used due to their low initial cost and adaptability. They are comprised of common, mostly inexpensive components, which help when making repairs. These custom commercial gates come in overhead, sliding and swing gate configurations and can be installed into almost any commercial door opening.
If within our standard ranges, we haven’t got the wrought iron style metal gate, timber gate or railing you want in the required width or height, we can make one to your specific size requirements. You can discuss your requirements with a member of our sales team who will guide you through the process of selecting the right gate, railing, posts and fittings, as well as advising on installation. You will receive a personal quotation and your gate will be supplied with our workmanship guarantee of 10 years for wrought iron style gates and 5 years for wooden gates. Please be aware our made to measure service will cost more than standard gates and require payment on order as well as a signature to acknowledge all information has been discussed and represented on your order, correctly.
The right entry system and safety devices enhance the doors performance, and accessories like track-guards and high-cycle modifications are cost-effective and greatly reduce down time.
The aluminum commercial parkade gates you are familiar with are found, almost exclusively, in and around the Vancouver and central Fraser valley area and are completely custom-made commercial parkade gates.
Residential Garage Doors
  • Heavy-duty Doors.
  • Single Row, Double Row Style.
  • Square Top, Arched Top Style.
  • Wind-load and Impact Resistant Doors.
  • Wood Doors.
Commercial Garage Doors:
  • Sectional Overhead Doors — Non-insulated and Insulated.
  • Rolling Steel Doors — Non-insulated and Insulated.
  • Side Folding Grilles and Closures.
  • Lift Ready Rolling Grilles.
  • Remote Operator Setup.
emergency calls
Tradesman Door & Gate provides 24-hour garage door repair in Vancouver and Central Fraser Valley. Don't wait until the next day to call. Our 24-Hour Repair is available for both Businesses and Homes. Don’t delay if you are experiencing a “small” problem. A seemingly minor noise or isolated issue could be an early warning that a spring or cable is about to break or a remote security system is malfunctioning. We would much rather come to your business or home to replace a simple part than to assess a broken door or shutdown situation in a condominium, parking garage or other high-traffic property. Contact us now for emergency service: +1 604-725-0565
Please do not attempt to tackle emergency garage door repairs (or any other type of garage door repairs) on your own. Garage doors can be dangerous, even life threatening, if a cable or spring snaps at the wrong time. Our factory-trained garage door repair team, using approved and inspected tools, are equipped to make repairs safely.
Why Call Tradesman Door & Gate services?
  • Our company has years track record of reliable garage door service and installation
  • Our maintenance crew has worked on repairs in virtually every commercial and residential setting to be found in Central Fraser Valley and Vancouver area, so we know what to look for and how to fix your problem reliably and efficiently.
  • With an extensive inventory of garage door parts, we will have the materials we need to complete the work.
  • Our parts inventory includes springs, cables, openers, remotes, circuit boards, seals, belts, gears and a host of miscellaneous hardware items.

How Can We Help You?

Call us today for a quote. We Design Manufacture and Install custom Door and Gates. We also service and repair gate and entry systems.